Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well if you haven't figured it out by now....I'm a total procrastinator.  My once a week blog is almost once a month now.  I'M SORRY Y'ALL!!  Life has just been whipping my tail these days and making things difficult.  So......grab your glass of water cuz ...well.....if that's all I'm drinking you better not be reading this while holding a Pepsi/coke/cola/pop/soda!!!

So.....first things first.....I have lost 10 pounds!  Now that was as of 2 Saturdays ago....I haven't weighed in since then....I'm too scurred!

The last 2 weeks have been real difficult for me.  My motivation/inspiration has been close to nothing.  Some personal issues going on and I haven't been relying on my Savior as though my life depends on it.  So I was kind of in a sad stormy funk.   So my workout days happened...but I didn't push as hard as I should have and my food choices weren't the best.  No I didn't stuff my face or over eat.....I just picked the wrong things to eat. One big change is when you are used to working out with someone and then they are gone........there's no one to encourage you or push you.........well except yourself.  And I dunno about y'all...but I never trust myself!!!   My lovely friend was on vacation last week so I didn't have her at my workout beck and call either. 

Now....let me tell you about my friend.  For her privacy I am going to just call her Keyonce........cuz A) that's her nickname and B) her name starts with K and she LOVES LOVES LOVES Beyonce.  I love this girl to the moon and back.  I am a firm believer God puts certain people in our lives at certain times for a reason.  Its up to Him to decide how long he blesses us with those I tend to hold tight to the ones I love....(maybe too tight??  Suffocation?? Just ask my husband)  Any friend is "laughing her butt off" right along side me.  Of course I think she is crazy because my goal is actually to be what her size is now....but I support her like she is supporting me.  She has waaaay better discipline than I do and her diet/work out regimen is way harder than mine.  She helps push me and supports me every day.  We work together so having her everyday really spoils me.  Since she was on vacay last soul was sad too.  We try to keep each other smiling and encourage each that was one reason I was down.

But today I am feeling great!!!  I am definitely one of those people...that when Spring/Fall is around the soul jumps for joy and I get very energetic.  I had THE BEST Sunday with my gorgeous today and I'm just very thankful for these moments God gives us.  I love children and want to have as many as I can.......but I can't lie....I am enjoying my time with just my husband and me.  This Spring and Summer is going to be the best we've ever had and since I'm slimming down and making life can only be better than I'm imagining.  He's doing his thing and working out and does boxing......He really is a wonder to watch. I don't think there is anything that man cant do. 

Since the weather is warming up (well...until Mother Nature decides to throw us an April snow storm) I have been walking on my lunch break.  That is such a great feeling!  I get a little SEVENDUST on my mp3 player and walk as far  and as fast as i can in 15 minutes and then walk back.  Now....i may not look as cute as I did when i started my day....but if you still look cute after your workout....then you didn't work hard enough.  And now that the Sun loves us enough to stay out longer...i can come home and walk farther and longer.  EXTRA WORKOUTS MEAN MORE RESULTS!! 

I still haven't had any soda for a month.  THAT IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!!  If it weren't for God's strength that only He can give me....I would never be able to do it.  Once Summer comes along and BBQ season is in full swing......the temptation will increase.....but I'm up for the challenge! 

Folks at work are super nice and are telling me they can already see a difference in my weight.  I hope they're not just being nice and trying to make me feel good.  It does make me feel good but I need the truth!  They see me everyday so I'm trusting them. 

OH...........and yesterday I got my hair did.........I'm not saying what color cuz I want some folks to be surprised tomorrow......but I love gorgeous is crazy about it.......and I cant has given me a boost of confidence.  I'm not a girly girl by any means....I actually joke with my friends that I need to take a "REAL GIRL" boot camp......but I do believe a pampering is needed for one's self every once and a while. we are.....1 month down.....11 to go.  1 year is what I've given myself to reach my goal weight....but some of the food/work out changes will be with me the rest of my life.   I am thankful for the changes that have already been made and the progress I've reached...but I have a long hard road to go...........but I can do this.....ONLY through Christ who strengthens me!


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  1. Excellent! Sounds like you are on your way! There will be ups and downs and the trick is to persevere through all of it. So proud of you!